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A laugh for every emotion

Did any of you recognize anything particular about Michael Fassbender’s laugh?
I did, and I want to try to explain it.

Michael Fassbender does not do comedies. In fact, his best role was the lead in Shame, a drama written and directed by Steve McQueen about a (socially) disturbed sex addict. It is the least sensual film about any related topic you can imagine. You should watch it. Superb acting.
So Fassbender’s job is not being funny or (pretend-)laughing about other people’s jokes. His job though is, like any actor, to present himself at red-carpet events, like he does here:


or here:


Looks quite sincere, doesn’t it?
Or does it?


He could also be thinking: “Hahaha, that effing a**hole doesn’t know that he’ll be fired after this gig. It could also very well be the laugh of someone who has just tricked somebody and laughs out of joy over that person’s approaching doom.
You just...

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No Gravity

Gravity is an amazing movie. Not because I like George Clooney (which I do), not because Sandra Bullock gave an amazing performance from start to finish (which she did) and not because the story was “something else”.
In fact, the story was mediocre and – spoiler alert – the happy end was a tad corny. I’m generally not a fan of happy endings.

Gravity is amazing because it is not like other movies. (Most) Other movies are set on earth or on some fantasy planet. In other movies, gravity is a given and the characters, sets etc. are chained to the ground. In Gravity, there is no, and that screws with your mind in a beautiful way.

Spoiler Alert:

The scene at the end, where Sandra Bullock emerges out of the water made me wake up out of a mode of deep immersion into the movie. It’s a weird, amazing feeling.

For the first 15 minutes or so, I kept questioning the positioning of the camera. In...

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